Patter release history

v1.3 31 MAR 2022

  • Support Apple Silicon
  • Fix Live 11.1 crashing bug

v1.2 02 MAY 2018

  • Display meaningful parameter names on Push (in Live 10 and earlier)
  • Fix UI lag when automating parameters
  • Fix UI colors in Live 10 Dark mode
  • Use newly open-sourced version of [cue]

v1.1 03 MAR 2016

  • All new presets and demo song
  • Add 'Downbeat' option to Rhythm area
  • Rework 'MIDI In' modes to include 'LIVE' for direct control
  • Only trigger remote device playing 'WITH' on initial segment
  • Preserve remote menu selection when followed device is moved
  • Output MIDI from last device in rack chain (or player if not in rack)
  • Fix remote menu ordering for sets with racks with multiple chains
  • Ignore Start Now when triggered repeatedly or when transport is stopped
  • Fix various viewer glitches in complex phrasing scenarios
  • Add link to manual

v1.0.1 10 OCT 2015

  • Fix ordering of remote menus
  • Fix recall of remote menu settings when opening large patchers
  • Fix cueing of remote device in arrangement loop (and viewer flickering)
  • Update remote menus on device rename

v1.0.0 08 OCT 2015

  • First public release!