Patter generates MIDI beats and melodies based on a model of musical phrase plus a heavy dose of pseudo randomness.
It can hold down the beat or arpeggiate like crazy, but it really shines in complex and off-kilter rhythms.
It drives any synth or drum machine, and since it's built in Max For Live, every control can be mapped to MIDI hardware.

How it works

Note by note

Patter generates music a few notes at a time, in “segments”. A segment is just one or more notes (and rests) of equal duration. You control how many, and what duration.

Degrees of randomness

Patter's numeric inputs are all randomizable, using a handy bell curve input to control the mean value, and the amount of deviation.

Take a cue

Patters can cue other Patters in the same set, to produce more complex musical interactions.

Tutorial 17 mins

See also the manual.

Max users: get the free and open-source Patter Tools for a minimal generative sequencer and supporting externals.

You can use Patter:


"Absolutely brilliant! You've simplified the process of generative composition into a very palatable interface, and it just works!" —Gil Kuno "by far the smartest Max For Live MIDI generator" "one of the most improvisational music creation tools I have ever used" "really a great take on generative music... When I finally understood it I got some very good sounding loops pretty quick"